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Welcome to Apache Energy Your Source for Top-of-the-Line Engine Oil Products

Keep your fleet and equipment running in good condition by using quality oil products from Apache Energy. Whether you need your car’s oil changed or you want to have your factory equipment lubricated, we have you covered. Our inventory includes a wide range of oil products not only for automotive application but also for commercial, industrial, and agricultural use.

Our Mission

Our team at Apache Energy is dedicated to providing our clients with high-quality motor and hydraulic oil products. Putting a premium on excellent customer service, we strive to offer dependable energy solutions that will help optimize the operations of our clients’ businesses. We deliver bulk drums and case goods.

Why Choose Us?

Years of Experience: At Apache Energy, we have vast experience in the commercial, industrial, agricultural, and automotive industries. This allows us to easily find the right product for your engine or equipment.

Superior Service: In business, we believe the measure of success ultimately comes down to the kind of service you offer your clients. This is why at Apache Energy, we work hard to make every transaction as hassle-free as possible for our customers.

Wide Inventory: We offer a wide range of oil products, not only for automotive but also for agricultural and industrial use. Whatever type of oil you need, you can find it at Apache Energy. We offer our products to customers in the Phoenix area and throughout the entire state of Arizona.